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Math: Geometry for Junior and High School

These sites have information on geometry for junior high and high school students. There are several interactive sites that allow the manipulation of geometric shapes. Also includes hands-on classroom activities and online quizzes. There are examples on how geometry is used in the real world such as geometric shapes in buildings and orienteering. There are links to eThemes Resources on mathematics in everyday uses and bridge construction.


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Under the "Real-Life" section you can learn how geometry is used in the real world. This site also shares the history of geometry and has online tutorials that teach the basic concepts.
Various graphics are provided to introduce geometrical concepts including fractals, common shapes, and coordinates. NOTE: The VRML plug-in is required to view some items.
The Math Forum provides several geometry problems. Click "Past Problems and Solutions" for more problems.
In addition to the history of geometry, this site has classroom activities and problems for middle and high school students.
Scroll down for information on how to use a compass to read maps.
Students will learn about the concepts and existence in nature as well as the art of the "Golden Ratio" and "Fibonacci Sequence" through these interactive quiz activities.
This site provides the interactive labs and challenges of building big and figuring out how geometry is used in building large structures. The "Educator's Guide" includes hands-on activities.
View some examples of symmetry and patterns applied in rug designs.
This site has internet activities associated with the NCTM Geometry standards for grades 9 to 12. There are online manipulatives for teaching various concepts.
This ThinkQuest site introduces students to geometric concepts like lines and planes. Also discusses proofs and how they are used in geometry.
Students can see how various fields use geometric concepts.
Through these illustrations students can learn about coordinates, symmetry, reflection, congruent and similar figures, and rotation.
Select thumbnails to view images of real life objects with explanations of the use of geometry.
Learn how to plan, design, calculate, and construct a model of a bridge. Find out how mathematical concepts of ratio, proportion, and scale are implemented in the bridge building process. Includes worksheets, lesson plans, an online truss calculator tool, and games. There are links to eThemes resources on building bridges, architecture, and mathematical ratios and proportions.
These sites show how math is used in our daily lives. There are examples, student activities, and interactive games. Students can explore how math is used in their homes, at the grocery store, and in sports. Includes links to eThemes resources on time, money, and word problems.

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