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Missouri Regions: Mark Twain

Learn more about the history and attractions in Missouri’s Mark Twain Region. This region is located in the northeastern part of the state and includes the town of Hannibal, the Mark Twain Boyhood Home, Battle of Athens State Historical Park, and more. There are games, photos, and videos. Links to eThemes Resources on Mark Twain, the Mississippi River, and an overview of Missouri Regions are included.


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Come visit Hannibal, Missouri. This site includes panoramic pictures of places of interest. Click on "Video" to watch movies about Mark Twain. Click on "Maps" for interactive maps of the area. Click on "Games" at the top for some online fun. Note: The site has a message board.
Students can learn about Mark Twain's life and works. Click on "Research."
Learn the history behind this state park, located in northeast Missouri.
Learn about the Mark Twain cave. Find out its hours of operation, its history, and the places of interest around it.
The town of Mexico, Missouri, has several museums, including the American Saddlebred Horse Museum, which is "noted as the oldest Saddlebred Horse Museum in the country." Note: There is a message board on this site that might not be monitored.
Discover the history of this state park, located on the Des Moines River. Click on the links on the left for more information.
Read about this park on the Department of Natural Resources' Web site. For more information, click on the links at the left.
This page has links to the state parks located in the northeastern region of Missouri.
This site contains a list of attractions found in Hannibal.
Visit pages for surrounding towns while you find out about the Mark Twain Lake. Cities included are Monroe City, Paris, and Perry.
Learn all about the Mississippi River, its role in Westward expansion, and its importance to Missouri. Sites include maps, photos, an audio file and Webcams.
These sites are about Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain. See his Hannibal, Missouri home, his New York home and his gravesite. Learn more about the books he wrote. The sites include audio clips, games, and interactive quizzes. There are also videos, including the only footage of this famous author known to exist.
These sites have information about the different regions in Missouri. Learn more about the history, economy, population statistics, natural resources, state parks, and historical sites in each region. Many links include maps of the regions. Soon to come are links to eThemes Resources focusing on each of the 10 regions in Missouri.

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