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Missouri Regions: Pony Express

Learn more about the Pony Express Region in northwest Missouri. The area is known for the Pony Express and Jesse James, Northwest Missouri State, and a wildlife refuge. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the Pony Express, plus one that provides an overview on the different regions in Missouri.


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Learn more about the community of Richmond. Click on "Tourism" to learn more about the man who shot Jesse James. Click on "History" to read more about the city.
Read about the history of the Pony Express, which started in St. Joseph, Missouri. This is the Web site for a museum that has Pony Express exhibits.
Click on this map to see an enlarged view showing where Lewis and Clark stopped in St. Joseph.
This is the official site for the convention and visitors bureau in St. Joseph. This page has free images you may use. There are three available formats for downloading. At left, click on "Visitor's Guide" to learn more about the city's attractions. Click on "Request Info" to receive materials in the mail.
This page has information about local attractions in Maryville. Includes photos.
Follow the links to learn more about this university in Maryville. Find out more why the campus serves as the state arboretum. Click on "Virtual Campus" at the bottom of the page to see panoramic photos.
Read about the history of the famous Stetson hats. There is a Stetson hat factory in St. Joseph. Click on "Western Hats" to see photos. This is the company's Web site.
Learn about the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge located in Holt County.
These sites are about the Pony Express. Includes maps of the route and a biography on one of the founders. Read about the history of this 1860-1861 mail delivery system.

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