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Teaching Tips: Home-School Partnerships

These websites contain resources for educators and parents to help foster good relationships between schools, families, students, and communities. There are articles, papers, handbooks, and examples of home-school partnership policies and strategies.


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This site provides information about policies and practices that support families and enhance the development of young children.
This informative site includes audio files, a questionnaire and parental involvement inventory, and other tools to help schools develop community partnerships.
Here are three handbooks to help schools develop home, school, and community partnerships. They can be purchased or viewed free online as 74, 20, and 16-page PDF files.
The Family Reading Campaign is a partnership campaign to encourage reading in the home. Click on any of the links on the map to read case studies in that area.
Parents can upload homework tips and educational activity ideas on this web-based community site.
Each of these handbooks provides one hundred home-school link activities for children in kindergarten through third grade. The activities are available as PDF files of various lengths.
This 16-page PDF file is an article about fostering home-school partnerships, particularly involving minority language families.
This article for educators has information about how to build successful partnerships with students' families. Includes a bibliography. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and ads.
This article addresses some of the obstacles to an effective home-school relationship, and identifies ways to improve lines of communication between the parties.
Here is an example of one school's policy that can be used as a reference.
Here is an example of a Home-School Agreement that can be used as a reference.

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