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Transportation: Bicycling

Learn more about bicycles and the history of biking. Includes information about bike safety and how bikes work. There are online quizzes, lesson plans, and pictures of bikes used years ago.


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Find out what makes bicycles work. Includes video clips with explanations from experts.
This student-created site has lots of information about riding, nutrition, and safety for both mountain and road biking. Includes a large trails section.
This student-created site tells about history of the bicycle, how to find the right bike, and how to plan your ride. Includes a step-by-step guide to bike repair.
Advance through the pages to read about the mechanics of bicycles. Includes information about bearings and gears.
This printout provides a bicycle illustration for labeling the parts of a bycicle.
This student-created site explains how to choose a bike and how to stay safe while biking. Also learn what makes a bike works, plus read about some famous cyclists.
Learn how to prevent injuries from cycling. Includes a bike safety cartoon.
Read tips about riding a bicycle and staying safe. Includes a bicycle safety checklist.
Click on "Bike Rules" for some rules you should follow when riding a bike. Click on "Helmets" to read about how to choose a helmet.
This site helps you stay up-to-date on cycling news in Missouri. Scroll down to click on "St. Louis Area Ride Search" and "KC Area Ride Search" to find events in these areas.

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