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Utah: History

Learn about Utah’s history and the people who lived in the area. Includes information about Native American tribes, pioneer settlers, and Mormons. View historical photographs and read diaries written 150 years ago. Find out what the state name means. There are links to eThemes Resources on Utah’s state symbols, the transcontinental railroad, and pioneer life.


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This site includes eight lesson areas covering the period of prehistory up until the current time. Find the eight chapters in the sidebar on the right hand of the page.
This site for younger readers provides a good overview of Utah's history from prehistoric days to modern times. Includes some photographs and suggested classroom activities.
Use the graphic links on the left to navigate through this site, which features historical diaries, excerpts from books, articles, commentaries, and maps reflecting the life and times of early Mormon pioneers. For the videos, click on the "Multimedia" link at the top. This online project also has lesson plans and activities appropriate for elementary, middle- and high-school students.
Watch several videos about the Mormon Trail and pioneer life.
Click on the alphabet at left for an index of story topics. Some stories include photographs.
Here is a lesson plan that goes along with the previous eThemes link on the "What's in a Name" article.
This site, discusses the history of the Ute Indians. The site also features links to information about Mormon pioneers in the Colorado Plateau.
This site for older readers has photographs and information about a variety of topics, including trappers, mining, and statehood. There are photographs for younger readers.
Learn about Utah's state flower, animal, insect, gem, fish, cooking pot, folk dance, and more. Listen to the call of the state bird or the tune of the state hymn. Read about the history behind the symbols and view images.
Learn about the history, construction, and impact of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. Includes historic photographs, maps, and suggested classroom activities. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on trains.
These sites are about daily life on the frontier. Learn about frontier towns and the chores and games that the pioneers participated in. Read the original Homestead Act that prompted many people to move West. Includes videos and historical photographs. There are links to eThemes Resources on pioneer food, sod houses, and hardships along the Oregon Trail.

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