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Utah: State Symbols

Learn about Utah’s state flower, animal, insect, gem, fish, cooking pot, folk dance, and more. Listen to the call of the state bird or the tune of the state hymn. Read about the history behind the symbols and view images.


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This site features a variety of information about Utah, including maps quizzes, and a list of state symbols. Learn about the symbols on the Utah state flag.
Here are some of Utah's state symbols with illustrations. This site is presented by the Utah state governor's office. NOTE: There is a link that leads to online shopping.
Here is a lesson plan that includes some discussion questions about symbols.
This lesson plan has an activity idea for teaching students about the Utah state symbols. NOTE: Other teachers have given this lesson plan a low rating, but perhaps some of the ideas can be adapted for use in your classroom.
Play this online crossword puzzle by filling in the Utah state symbols. There are links to a checking and hints feature.
See a picture and read about the Bonneville cutthroat trout. Includes a link to a distribution map.
Print this page and write down facts about Utah's state flower.
Print this worksheet and fill in information about Utah's state symbols.
Print out this page that has Utah's seal and write about its symbols.
View a photograph of a blue spruce, the state tree.

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